Empowering Advocacy: How Citizens Climate Lobby is Driving Climate Action

Empowering Advocacy: How Citizens Climate Lobby is Driving Climate Action


Climate change is undoubtedly one of the most pressing issues of our time, demanding urgent action from governments, organizations, and individuals alike. While governments worldwide attempt to address this crisis through policies and regulations, grassroots movements are also gaining momentum in driving climate action. One such movement leading the charge is the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL). Founded in 2007, CCL empowers ordinary citizens to become advocates for climate change and pushes for policy solutions that combat this global challenge.

The Power of Ordinary Citizens

What sets CCL apart from other climate advocacy organizations is its focus on mobilizing ordinary citizens to take action. The organization believes that political will, necessary for substantial climate action, can be created by empowering individuals to engage directly with elected representatives and policymakers. CCL trains and supports its volunteers, referred to as citizen lobbyists, to navigate political landscapes effectively, promoting dialogue and building relationships with elected officials.

Training and Support

CCL provides comprehensive training to its volunteers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for climate action effectively. The organization offers workshops and webinars on topics ranging from climate science and lobbying techniques to effective communication and relationship building. This training ensures that citizen lobbyists are well-informed and prepared to engage in productive conversations with policymakers.

In addition to training, CCL provides ongoing support to its volunteers throughout their advocacy journey. This support includes mentorship programs, regional and national conferences, and online resources, allowing citizen lobbyists to stay connected and access valuable guidance from experienced activists within the organization.

The Power of Collaboration

CCL recognizes that collaboration is key to driving climate action. The organization actively promotes bipartisan cooperation and encourages respectful, constructive dialogue between citizens and policymakers from all ends of the political spectrum. By embracing diverse perspectives, CCL aims to build consensus and find common ground that can drive effective policy solutions.

Building Political Will

One of CCL’s primary goals is to build political will for implementing a revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend (CFD) policy. This policy involves placing a fee on carbon emissions and returning the revenue generated to citizens as a dividend to offset the increased costs of carbon-intensive goods. Through grassroots advocacy, CCL has been successful in mobilizing citizens to voice support for CFD, leading to increased awareness and consideration of the policy in legislative discussions.

Success Stories

CCL’s impactful advocacy has yielded notable successes at a local and national level. In 2019, the organization celebrated the passing of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act in the House of Representatives, marking the first bipartisan carbon pricing legislation to be introduced in over a decade. This achievement was the result of sustained efforts by citizen lobbyists who engaged with their representatives, emphasizing the urgency of taking decisive action against climate change.

The Future of Advocacy

The continued success of Citizens Climate Lobby showcases the power of collective action and the vital role that ordinary citizens can play in driving climate action. As the climate crisis intensifies, empowering individuals to become advocates for change becomes increasingly crucial. CCL’s model provides a roadmap for other grassroots organizations aiming to mobilize citizens and influence policymakers to take meaningful action on climate change.


Citizens Climate Lobby is a prime example of how empowering advocacy can accelerate climate action. By training and supporting citizen lobbyists, promoting collaboration, and building political will, CCL has successfully influenced legislation, instilling hope for a sustainable future. As more individuals join the movement, the collective voice of ordinary citizens grows stronger, demanding policymakers to take decisive and necessary action against climate change.

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