Citizens Climate Lobby: Engaging Communities in the Fight Against Climate Change

Citizens Climate Lobby: Engaging Communities in the Fight Against Climate Change

Citizens Climate Lobby: Engaging Communities in the Fight Against Climate Change


Climate change has become one of the biggest challenges facing our planet today. Its impacts are felt worldwide, affecting ecosystems, agriculture, economies, and most importantly, human lives. In this critical battle against climate change, community engagement is crucial. One organization that is leading the way in engaging communities and fostering action is the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL).

What is Citizens Climate Lobby?

The Citizens Climate Lobby is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that aims to create the political will for a livable planet by empowering individuals to engage with their communities and advocate for climate change solutions. Started in 2007, it has grown into an extensive network of volunteers across the United States and around the world.

CCL’s Approach

At the heart of CCL’s approach is the belief in the power of community engagement and relationships. The organization understands that change begins at the local level. Their volunteers actively engage with their communities by building relationships with elected officials, local businesses, and other organizations to create a collective impact.

The Carbon Fee and Dividend

One of CCL’s core initiatives is advocating for the implementation of a Carbon Fee and Dividend policy. This policy aims to put a price on carbon emissions and redistribute the collected revenue back to households. By making carbon-intensive products and activities more expensive, it incentivizes individuals and businesses to transition towards cleaner alternatives.

Training and Support

CCL offers comprehensive training and support to its volunteers to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage effectively in climate advocacy. They provide access to webinars, workshops, and regional conferences. Volunteers are also connected with a mentor who offers individual guidance and support.

Political Influence

CCL recognizes the importance of engaging with policymakers at all levels. Through meetings, letters, phone calls, and other forms of communication, volunteers work to build relationships with elected officials to educate them about climate change solutions and gain their support. This grassroot approach has been instrumental in fostering bipartisan support for climate action.

Results and Impact

Over the years, Citizens Climate Lobby’s efforts have borne fruit. They have successfully garnered support from both Democrats and Republicans and have played a significant role in the introduction of climate change legislations such as the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act in the United States Congress. CCL’s community engagement approach has inspired numerous individuals to take action, leading to positive changes in local policies and practices.

The Importance of Community Engagement

The fight against climate change requires collective action, and community engagement is the key to achieving that. Citizens Climate Lobby’s approach focuses on empowering individuals to make a difference in their communities, fostering relationships with policymakers, and influencing policy change. By engaging communities, we can create a powerful grassroots movement that demands effective climate solutions from our leaders.


The Citizens Climate Lobby is a shining example of how community engagement can drive positive change in the fight against climate change. Through its dedicated volunteers and strategic approach, CCL continues to empower individuals, build relationships, and advocate for effective climate policies. It is through such organizations that we can hope to create a sustainable and livable future for generations to come.

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