Climate solutions.

Save Our Ice. A stage musical. 

Mankind is threatened with extinction within 5 years. 

Not by climate change.

The only way to save mankind from the threat is by preventing rising sea levels and global warming.

The solutions lie in the third act. If implemented, they will remove the threat to mankind within 3 years. In removing the threat, the climate crisis vanishes with it. The problem is solved. 

The solutions do not require using less fossil fuel. They also solve the world’s migration problems. No one will ever need to leave home again. 

Writing this story was easy. The hard part lies in opening a discussion about it. People are automatically skeptical. 

If it were brought to the stage, the discussion would surely follow.   

The piece never mentions climate change. It’s fun! 

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The first act has already been played across 74 countries. 


Save Our Ice. A Climate Musical!