Seamus Smyth. Musician.

What can we do about it?

  • The kids of the world hold the power to reverse climate change. How? By changing hearts and minds. If only we could unleash that power globally!

  • Imagine a musical written for kids which is interactive. The kids in the audience are set 3 tasks by the characters on stage. The kids must perform the tasks successfully. They are told that if they do, it will lead to the beginning of the reversal of climate change.

  • But this is just a theatre, right? It’s make-believe. It can’t happen in real life.

  • But when the parents in the audience see the nature of the tasks and how their kids are desperate for them to succeed they become overwhelmed by emotion and apologize for being so blind to the effect the climate crisis is having on their kids, the worry they have about their future. The parents now see the crisis from the point of view of their children and vow to bring about change.
  • The tasks show them how to accomplish this. But, again, it’s just one theatre, right? What can one theatre do?
  • It can live-stream the show on Youtube to the kids of the world, who can carry out the tasks at home and create within their own parents the same reaction created in the theatre. Live! The kids of the world can perform the tasks at the exact same time the kids in the theatre are performing them.
  •  But we need this promoted globally for it to work.
  • The kids of the world don’t know about it. We need to get the word out.

  • We need to build up excitement around this prior to opening night.

  • We need volunteers to: 
  • Go online and swamp Facebook with a link to this site and ask your Friends to do the same.
  • Extinction Rebellion have 650 groups in 45 countries. Join these groups on Facebook and tell them about
  • Email Greta Thunberg and ask her to help. Invite her to open the show. We would welcome Greta with open arms! Ask her here: Just send her a link to this page:  
  • The Paris and Kyoto agreements didn’t work. The biggest names in Hollywood didn’t work.
  • Kids are already activists! This will save them an awful lot of protesting in the future.
  • The script is fully written. The songs are written. The theatre is chosen.

  • This is a chance to finally consign this crisis to history.
  • This is NOT just a musical! This is a MOVEMENT!
  • Our Venue!
  • You can watch the show live on Youtube and see the kids perform their tasks! 
  • But we need your help to bring it to the stage!
  • Have a listen to Our Wonderful & Beautiful Blue Friend.

Change can only be brought about by changing hearts and minds. This can do that - but only if we all get behind it! This is a call to action to the kids of the world!


Is this it?