Seamus Smyth, Irish writer & musician.
Doing this for his granddaughter, the kid in the top picture.
Got kids? Wanna help him?

Something happens in this story which terrifies grown-ups all around the world into immediately reversing climate change to save themselves from a horrifying death!

Free copy for every kid on the planet aged 1 month to 108 and a half years old. 

Includes the stage play version for kids to put on at school and invite grown-ups along to scare them out of their collywobbles!

Just click and read:

  • But we need your help to bring it to the stage in Glasgow during COP26!

We’ve been swamped by actors who want to appear in it.

So we are launching a Kickstarter campaign!

Hey, and guess what -it’s also got some great songs!

We’ll publish details about the 3 links below when we launch!

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