Seamus Smyth.

The Cause

  • Hi, I’m a crime novelist and a musician.

  • I’ve devised a plot that will begin to reverse climate change in one night. In real life.

  • Believe me, this is a genuine. 

  • It will happen in a theatre in a musical I’ve written for kids, in which the kids in the audience are set 3 tasks, which, if they complete them successfully, will begin reversing climate change.  On the night. I repeat – in real life! But we need this promoted globally for it to work. That’s where Simon comes in.

  • The first task is carried out online by the kids in the theatre.  The kids of the world must join in and help them perform all 3 tasks. To do this they need to know about it. They can view the show live on Youtube. This will be their call to action. 

  • I will bring this musical to the stage myself. I do not need Simon’s help with that.

  • I can send him a copy of the finished script so that he can judge for himself. He can read how this can be achieved.  

  • The good news is it doesn’t mention stuff to do with climate change. No lecturing about melting icebergs or anything of that sort.

  • I’ve come at this another way, a fun way, for kids.

  • Please take this seriously. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s actually not.

  • Kids hold the power to reverse climate change. It’s just that no one has thought of unleashing it like this before.

  • This will save them an awful lot of protesting.

  • The script is fully written. The songs are written. The theatre is chosen; Van Morrison performs there later this year.

  • This is a chance to finally consign this crisis to history.
  • If Simon gets behind this he can announce that he will put in motion the beginning of the reversal of climate change live onstage on October 30th! 
  • This will be his legacy to the children of the world! 
  • This is NOT just a musical! This is a MOVEMENT!
  • Our Venue!
  • You can watch the show live on Youtube and see the kids perform their tasks! 
  • For thirty years superstars have called for the reversal of climate change. Simon can succeed where they all failed. How? Because Simon isn’t calling’ for anything. He can actually do it. It’s in the script. 
  • You’ll need a hanky!

If ever the world needed Simon's help – it’s now! Simon, the children of the world need you to Save Our Ice!

In summary: This is a musical which aims to harness Kids Power to begin to reverse climate change. It is a new and revolutionary approach. To say it can be accomplished in a theatre in a single night may sound like sheer lunacy (certainly does to me and I wrote it) but throwing billions of dollars at it didn't work, the Kyoto and Paris Agreements didn't work, so maybe a massive leap of faith in a belief that we can marshal the power of children in a way hitherto unheard of might just surprise us all. Thank You!


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