The kids inspired us to come up with a way for grown-ups to redeem themselves. But will they do it? Let's ask them...

The kids also inspired this.

We believe our solutions will reduce damage to our Blue Friend greater than that caused by the number one culprit – the oil industry. And they won’t cost a single person a single penny. 

Greta got the kids behind this emergency. But she didn’t get enough grown-ups.

Well, grown-ups aren’t going to get an easier and better way to help than this.  

Do it for the kids!

We are a new movement, only just started. To join us, simply email It’s free!

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Please help us with our work.

Together we can save countless lives.

Including your own and your loved ones.

OUR EMAIL CAMPAIGN: Copy and paste all the below emails into one single email and send them to superstars, news and radio stations, HQs of supermarkets, fast food outlets & cinemas, Hollywood Reporter, Simon Cowell, LA Times…,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, INFO@THESOCIETYMANAGEMENT.COM,,,,



From the kids of Ireland. To movie stars and singers, Simon Cowell, LA Times, Hollywood Reporter: We love the movies and we love music, but we’re so afraid of the damage they cause our planet. So please get rid of your private jets, stop filming in foreign locations and chopping down 4,000 hectares of rainforest just to make one sound set, or we will have no option but to stop paying to see your movies anymore or to buy our favourite singers’ music.  We do this for our very survival.

To producers of soft or alcoholic drinks in plastic, or of sauces, such as ketchup in plastic:  We love soft drinks and sauces but unfortunately we can no longer buy them in plastic because of the damage they’re doing to our oceans. Please stop selling them in plastic or we’ll have no option but to avoid the shops you sell them in. We’re very happy to buy them in cans or glass.  We do this for our very survival.

To Global Governments. ‘Fossil fuel production set to soar over next decade’, BBC 20 October 2021:  Any country that begins development or increases production of coal from the end of COP26 13/11/21, or any bank or financial institution that finances such production, will have any and all of the other products or services it produces banned from sale in Ireland except for food items, household, clothing, footwear and medical. We do this for our very survival.

National newspapers. National newspapers chop down billions of trees every year when our world needs them most, and require millions of van and truck delivery journeys every year to every village, town and city on the planet. And yet they’re all available online. When they first came out, paper was all they had. But now national and international news is coming at us 24/7 from TV and radio news stations and social media. They do more harm to our kids chances of survival in one single day than the book publishing industry does in a year. They are a non-necessity. Shops selling national newspapers will be blacklisted. We do this for our very survival.

A Blue Friend Certificate. We demand our government creates a certificate, which we call a Blue Friend Certificate, to be administered by the regulatory authorities, and granted only to companies who comply with the policy of ridding the world of Non-Necessities, and that the products of those who do not comply should be denied entry into our country, as listed above. This also includes the products of any person or company who owns, hires or uses private jets. We will blacklist your products. No Blue Friend, No Sale!  We do this for our very survival.

Politicians, if you don’t back this as your number one priority we will demand our parents don’t vote for you and force our way into polling booths during elections to make sure they don’t.  Politicians think they can keep shitting on kids forever. Those days are over. 

To TV news and radio stations: This is our campaign to mark COP26, to stop the above crimes against the children of the world. Today 21/10/2021 it is announced that the presidents of China & Russia and one third of islands and states in the Pacific aren’t even attending COP26. How on earth are they going to get the deal the world desperately needs if they don’t attend? In Berlin in 1995, the first COP conference took place. They said the world had 30 years to go to the point of no return. They held 24 more COPS since then and we now have NINE years to go. The COPS are useless. A joke! They’re going backwards! How much of this shit do you expect us to take? We do this for our very survival.

Climate change is all about money. So we’re making it about money. If you keep leading us to the slaughter, we will bring down the world economy! You have been warned! 

This crisis is so dire that only drastic action will fix it. Grown-ups won’t do it for us. We have no choice but to do it ourselves. 

The kids of Ireland call upon the kids of the world to join us in this action. Together we will change this stinking global system that is hell-bent on delivering us to our deaths! Send these emails!

We call upon grown-up activists and grown-ups who want to be activists to send these emails and encourage you children and friends to do so too.

The movie, music & national newspaper industries combined do more damage to our Blue Friend that the entire oil industry. Add the coal industry and they do 1.5 times more damage. 

The solution is simple. We can’t rid the world of necessities because we need them to survive. But we can rid it of non-necessities. We don’t need them to survive. 

Kids can march in the streets till doomsday demanding politicians rid our planet of the above, but that doesn’t mean they’ll do it. We have to take this into our own hands and achieve  the above through our own actions. The climate movement needs a general. Greta has marshalled the kids of the world into action on the streets. She now needs to put out a call to action. She now needs to tell the kids to actually do themselves what they’re demanding politicians do. Otherwise it’ll all just be kids in the streets shouting demands that will never be met.

The first rule of politics: Put your party first. The second rule: Put special interests groups and business second. The third rule: Put the people’s interests third. Fourth rule: Put the planet fourth. We need to flip that around. 

The above actions will work. We need Greta to tell the kids to carry them out. The time for kids shouting is over. They actually have to DO something. And all they have to do is get on their phones, carry out the above, keep their hands in their pockets, and watch all of the above sweat when they see their money tree wilting. Only then will they listen. Only then will they heed our demands!

Do this for your very survival!

Send the email every day, but only once a day to avoid it being spammed. If you BCC 20 of the addresses they’ll go through without a hitch. 

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