Save Our Ice

This is what the Irish are doing!

Parents must bring hope to kids! They simply must!

Covid stopped us 3 years ago from staging Save Our Ice The Musical! and now we're jumping back in.

There isn’t one full-length commercially successful - 'commercially successful' - climate play or musical in any theatre on the planet. What does that say about the theatre industry? It’s supposed to help. If it doesn’t, what’s its point? We aim to change that. Nothing connects people like music!

NOTE: Funding is in place for the 6-night performances.
However, we want to make available FREE of charge, the script, the song recordings, the backing tracks, the special effects, to every school on the planet! It's massively important that this world-changing solution is known in every school on every continent on earth! Please help us pull this off. Give what you can. If you wish, you can actually nominate a school and we will forward the above to it with your name as the donor. These will go out in June 2024.
We want everyone putting on this show!

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